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Losing extra weight can provide a powerful energy boost, says Stewart, of Johns Hopkins University. Even small reductions in body fat improve mood, vigor, and quality of life.

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A nap followed by a cup of coffee may provide an even bigger energy boost, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. These include some blood pressure medicines, antihistamines, diuretics, and other drugs. If you begin to experience fatigue after starting a new medication, tell your doctor.

Lowering your caffeine intake can give you more energy in the long run. Though caffeine may give you an initial boost of energy, after it wears off you may be left feeling depleted. Exercise releases endorphins that naturally boosting your energy levels. One reason to follow a healthy, balanced diet is that you’ll boost energy levels. Some people may benefit by eating smaller meals more frequently during the day.

Come up with a plan to lose weight and improve your energy level. Start with light activity such as walking or swimming, and gradually increase intensity as your stamina allows. Also, eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

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  • P&I Mortality The percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza is 7.4%, down from 12.3% last week, but above the epidemic threshold of 6.7%.
  • A description of the CDC influenza surveillance system, including methodology and detailed descriptions of each data component is available on the surveillance methods page.
  • Outpatient Influenza-like Illness Surveillance Network were due to influenza-like illness .
  • Pediatric Deaths Four influenza-associated pediatric deaths occurring during the season were reported this week.
  • Clinical Labs The percentage of respiratory specimens testing positive for influenza at clinical laboratories is 0.3%.

If you best weight loss apps do fall short on shut-eye, take a brief afternoon nap. Napping restores wakefulness and promotes performance and learning. Don’t nap longer than 30 minutes, though, or you may have trouble sleeping that night.

If your hormones are in flux, whether from puberty, menopause, or stress, it may lead to hormonal acne. It’s important to recognize ordinary sleepiness from excessive tiredness. Learning how to control stress may improve your energy level. Start by setting limitations, creating realistic goals, and practicing changes to your thought patterns. Deep breathing and meditation can also help you stay calm in stressful situations.

If your sleep doesn’t improve with self-care, talk to your doctor. Go to bed earlier and take steps to improve the quality of your sleep. Avoid stimulating activities before bed, like exercise and watching TV. Most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. If you get into a habit of staying up late, you’re putting yourself at risk for sleep deprivation.

Mindfulness practices such as tai chi, meditation, and yoga are great options. Or curl up on the couch with your favorite book or television show. Slowly reducing your caffeine intake will help to reduce feelings of withdrawal as you balance out your natural energy levels.

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